Monday, 24 September 2012

September 2012 Shelf Reliance Consultant Newsletter

Executive Message
Jeremy Taeoalii
Chief Operating Officer
This past week, the executive team spent several days with the consultant advisory board. This great group of consultants keeps us aware of both the successes and the pains that you as consultants are facing, helping us understand what areas to focus on and improve. They also remind me of what a difference Shelf Reliance has made in the lives of so many people; I feel honored to belong to an organization that creates thriving lives.

On Wednesday the Shelf Reliance management team hiked Mt. Timpanogos with members of the advisory board, and during the 10-hour climb there were a few things I became very grateful for. First, I was grateful that people had gone before us and blazed the trail, so that we knew where to go and didn’t have to search for the easiest and quickest path. Secondly, I was grateful that there were many of us hiking, so that we were able to divide into groups that could support each other along the hike and each go the pace that was right for them.

As we hiked, I realized that these are both things all our consultants can be grateful for within Shelf Reliance. The trail to success has already been blazed by experienced consultants like those on the advisory board, who have helped the company understand consultant needs and who in turn help newer consultants along the path. As consultants you also have your team to rely on as a support, in which you are unified in the common goal of getting up the mountain.

I know that if you follow the proven path and put together a good team to make the journey with you, you will be able to find greater success in your business and help others do so as well. Happy hiking!

Costa Rica Winners
Congratulations to our top 25 Costa Rica contest winners! The names of our winners are below in order of contest placement:
  • Jodi Moore and Julie Weiss (Gold Executive, UT)
  • Debbie and Monty Abbott (Gold Executive, WA)
  • Amber Pearce  (Platinum Executive, NM)
  • Misty Marsh  (Gold Executive, UT)
  • Tayli Nelson  (Mentor, UT)
  • Holly  Hardy (Platinum Executive, HI)
  • Michele Grote (Executive, OR)
  • Ann Scott (Mentor, PA)
  • Rachel  Mano (Platinum Executive, UT)
  • Krista Brown (Director, Canada)
  • Krystal Windham (Mentor, TX)
  • Scarlett Arny (Director, NC)
  • Shannon Liska (Mentor, Canada)
  • Shelli Rasmussen (Gold Executive, MO)
  • Vic & Dottie Gentry (Director, NE)
  • Tiffany Fairbanks (Platinum Executive, UT)
  • Stephanie Driscoll (Mentor, ID)
  • Michaela Boothe (Silver Executive, UT)
  • Annie Robinson (Director, Canada)
  • Gloria Anderson (Mentor, TX)
  • Mary Andersen (Silver Executive, WY)
  • Vicki Koen (Executive, TX)
  • Marci Pratt (Director, UT)
  • Janette Franson (Silver Executive, UT)
  • Sally Larsen (Silver Executive, UT)
  • Amber Spackman (Silver Executive, UT) 
Shelf Reliance News
Now that the Costa Rica contest has ended, the convention contest has started! This contest is all about enrolling new consultants and registering them for convention. Check out the contest page for details!
The following announcements are notifications of changes that will be occurring on October 2nd. There will be several things happening on this date, so please read your newsfeed to stay up to date!
The new Fall price list will be out soon. Pricing will change on the 2nd. Two major changes that will be on this new price list are a simplification of our packages offerings and the discontinuing of many of our non-freeze dried foods in pouch size. Please see the Fall Products and Pricing newsfeed for details on these changes and the list of packages and pouches that will be discontinued. The format of the Consultant Materials price list will also change to include separate lists for all areas (Canada, Hawaii, etc.).
Alaska Shipping is being simplified! Starting on the 2nd, shipping will be charged by can size rather than weight (with the different shipping classes). Qs with a shipment date of the 2nd or later will process with the new shipping costs. Please see our Alaska Shipping Changes newsfeed for the new shipping chart.
We’re launching Puerto Rico! The Puerto Rico website (in Spanish) will be active on the 2nd, and the Puerto Rico price list will also be available by that date. Shipping will be the same as the new Alaska shipping (see the chart here).
A larger variety of individual literature packs will be available to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.  See our Literature Packs newsfeed for a list of available packs and their shipping costs. 
Our new Back Office has been launched for some time now. On November 1st the old Back Office will be turned off and some features will be turned off over the next 5 weeks. Please review the Back Office newsfeed for details. 

Rank Advancements
Silver Executive
Susan and Charles Lewis  

Bill, Sarah, and Ben McEntire Ray & Tracye Gano Beth Fricke
Shalah Attwooll Michele Grote  

Rosie Galbraith Sarah Meyer Carolina Food Storage
Barbara Raney M. David Aspesi Renelle Smart
Kassie Rogers Krista Brown Patricia Schulze

Lisa Bostic Betty Blanco Judy & Chris Chauncey
Sheila Martindale Valerie Hardin Judi Boles
Suzanne Williams Janet Marei Kubiak Thomas Nolting
Denise Ivy Eden Bellenson Jean VanDeren
Ryan & Becky Myntti Debi Rogers Marianne Rickabaugh
Jeffrey Lee Kristin Tice Edith Chupp
Heidi Macfarlane Sonya Atkins Dr. Prepper
Angel & Karen Richards Michele Wolford Rhonda Hollinger
Tanya Butterfield Pam Reding Susan Saunders
Angela Priest    
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